I was so pleased that Hudson could arrange my last birding trip in Brazil to Trilha dos Tucanos, a well known birding and photographing Mecca . It was in the midst of the COVID-19 closure, I was about to go back home to Israel, and really needed some morale boost after 10 weeks of isolation. Taking the situation very seriously, Hudson found that the place is open and is operating within the Ministry of Health Instructions. We went for 3 days, 2-4 June 2020. Of course we followed the recommended measures – masks, lots of hand-washing and distancing. We brought our own food and just used the microwave and fridge and lots of alcho-jel…
We had amazing birding, with 77 species of which more than 30 were new to me! Around the feeders we saw at least 10 different tanagers, 6 or 7 hummingbirds, and many others. Along the trails we saw the more discreet birds, and I was immensely pleased to see the shy brown tinamou, a first ever for me of that family. Other charismatic birds were the rufous-capped motmot, black-fronted piping-guam, suruca trogon and a buff-bellied puffbird which Hudson amazingly spotted a huge distance away. In the evening we watched in the dark as two pacas came to feed on bananas, and saw lots of moths near an attracting light.
It was mostly cloudy and drizzly, and the pristine rain-forest was lush with water dripping from the huge fern leaves. Great natural beauty!
Hudson is extremely knowledgeable and professional; he identified the shy forest birds by calls, then with play-back lured them out of the dense growth so I could see them.
It was such a wonderful farewell trip before leaving, and of course I hope to come back and do more trips with Hudson.

Naomi Porat – Israel


I visited South East Brazil 10 years ago and saw many bird species. For my second visit ( February 2020), I asked Hudson to guide me for 2 days in the Itatiaia area. This was a great success and I saw over 30 new birds. We saw well over 100 species and heard many others. Throughout our 2 days, Hudson was excellent in all ways. He is very good company and knows the birds very well. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone wishing to spend time birdwatching in this area.

Robert Biggs –  England


My wife and I went to Itatiaia in november to go birding with Hudson and it was a fantastic experience: besides being extremely competent and dedicated, has great knowledge of birds and, to those who photograph, always alert to the best spot to improve your click.
We intend to come back soon. Thank you and congratulations on the excelent job.

Marcelo Marconsin Bargiela and Joana Melo


I would like to thank the Hudson for their warmth and dedication throughout the time we were together. Besides the birdwatching, he was present at all times. Considering the tour, I liked it a lot, because besides the event itself was for me, for the first time in the state of Rio de Janeiro, having seen new species and knowing an exuberant nature, opens the prospect for new outings. I want to leave here a big hug to the Hudson for the reception, guided and friendship “

Henry Cesar – Taubaté – SP


Today the Hudson is more than a guide because he became a friend, but his competence is undoubtedly a focused professional, knowledgeable of the habitats of the species, adding his kindness and attention to us.

Osmar Santos Lima Filho – Rio de Janeiro RJ


The Hudson is a very serious bird guide, committed and very dedicated to what he does. We had a road map to see X difficult species. And this script and its goals were accomplished with mastery and a lot of competence. Hudson took care of everything. I did not have to worry about anything except shoot. It was an excellent experience, which I intend to repeat whenever my schedule allows. Thank you for everything, Hudson.

Silvia Linhares – São Paulo SP


Hudson is simply the best! He is knowledgable, hardworking, kind, and funny. I couldn’t ask more for a better experience bird-watching in Itatiaia in April 2018. He is beyond my expectations. I give my highest recommendations to Hudson as your birding guide!

Jackie Tairan – Milwaukee – USA


Excellent guide. Always attentive to the birds and to attend the observer. He knows birds’ songs and their habit. In relation to photography, he is concerned with guiding and positioning the observer photographer to position himself to obtain the best image.

Henrique Moreira – Brasília DF


Wonderful trip, place with breathtaking scenery and heaps of birds. The guide and friend Hudson Martins Soares, presented us with the best, knows the region like nobody else. Super indicated the vigem to Itatiaia and Region.

Luciano Bernardes Birding – São Paulo SP


A guide for young and old, treats everyone well, very polite. He showed how well he knows the region where he has always lived, his charms and his birds, many species. After the coffee with cake and cheese with guava sweetened with honey, delicious, the bird was better still. Thank you for the affection, Hudson

Maria das Graças Albers – São Paulo SP


Excellent pass and very profitable held on June 15 to 17, 2018, with Enéas Loreto, José Luiz and with Hudson Martins in charge who knows everything about Itatiaia and the environment. Hudson, thank you very much for the effort, aiming to meet our goals under rain and low temperature. I recommend it, since it was the second time we had passed and certainly there will be a third. 


Luiz Cavalcanti Damasceno – João Pessoa – PB


Days 5, 6 and 7 of July were memorable for my son, Fernando, his girlfriend, Renata and me. Under the “direction” (almost cinematographic sense) of the Hudson we observe wonderful birds, really beautiful birds. It is not only thanks to experience and knowledge, but above all to the incredible patience of the Hudson with three aspiring birdwatchers, we were able to experience this unforgettable experience. We can only thank the Hudson and say that, certainly, if it depends on us, there will be other encounters with the birds. Once again, thank you.

Maria Cecília – Botucatu SP


I have been twice in exits behind the beauties and rarities of Itatiaia, an odd and truly incredible place worth every second of the tour and with the accessory of a professional like the Hudson we have access to true preciousness of our fauna. Really a professional that does not measure efforts for us to attend and a deep understanding of the subject. Birdwatching without doubt BirdsRio and the certainty of great observations and especially of great photos. Thank you Hudson for the excellent work and above all for your respect and care for the environment. A big hug and until next time.

Marcelo Figueiroa – Jundiaí SP